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Hi there! Welcome to my site :)

My name is Gabriela Barzallo. I am a bilingual journalist, and multimedia producer, born and raised in Ecuador, and based in New York City since 2014. I have a Bachelor's degree in Media, Culture & Communications from NYU.

I currently work at Democracy Now! 

I have editorial, print, multimedia, and international reporting experience.

I have produced enterprise stories on human rights, migration, gender based violence, race & ethnicity, Latin American politics, etc in both English and Spanish. 

In 2018, I worked as a multimedia reporter at Diario Tiempo Argentino in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and developed an independent media project in the Brazilian favelas. 

I have a passion for telling underreported stories and giving a voice to traditionally underrepresented communities. I strive for using innovative platforms and formats to create more compelling stories, reach to diverse audiences and enrich the overall storytelling experience. 


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Work Experience:



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